How to configure Plugins

In this quick tutorial you will how to configure Wallpaper Slideshow plugins

If you still didn't install Wallpaper Slideshow you must first download and run the installer.

After WallpaperSS Pro is installed and started you will find its icon in the windows notification area (or system tray) in the Windows taskbar:

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro Tray Icon

If you can't find that icon the program didn't start automatically, in this case you can start it manually by using the shortcut on the desktop or in the windows start menu:

After the program is started its icon will be displayed, click with the right mouse button on the icon and the WallpaperSS menu will appear:

Wallpaper Slideshow Main Menu

Choose "Settings" to open the configuration window:

Wallpaper Slideshow Main Window


Click on the "Options" button, this will open the Options window:

Now click on "Plug-Ins" on the tree on the left.


Double click on the plugin you wish to configure.