500px Windows Wallpaper Changer

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro Plugin

Wallpaper Slideshow Pro is a powerful and flexible wallpaper changer, with the help of the 500px Plugin it can easily download photos from your 500px account or from global photo streams and set them as desktop wallpapers.

The 500px PlugIn can download photos from:

- Users photo streams
- Users favorite photos
- Users galleries
- Photos by users followed by the specified user
- Global photo streams (Popular, Upcoming, Fresh Today, Fresh this Week, Editors' Choice)

How to use 500px photos as Desktop Wallpapers

with Wallpaper Slideshow Pro and 500px PlugIn

First of all download and install Wallpaper Slideshow Pro and the 500px PlugIn from the download page

Once Wallpaper Slideshow Pro and the 500px plugin are installed you need to configure them. If this is the first time you use Wallpaper Slideshow Pro take a look at the Wallpaper Slideshow Pro Tutorial

1) Create a folder where to store photos downloaded from 500px, for example 500px inside your user profile

2) Open the Wallpaper Slideshow Pro configuration window and add to the list the folder just created

500px Wallpaper Slideshow

3) Click on Options and select Plug-Ins on the tree on the left, then double click on the "500px" plugin to configure it.

500px Wallpaper Slideshow Plugin Configuration

First of all the PlugIn must be enabled by checking the control "Enable PlugIn", then in the field labeled "Folder to store downloaded images" you must set the same folder you added in the WallpaperSS list.

500px Plugin

Add one or more queries. For example you can enter your 500px username or one of the global photo streams, in this screenshot we selected the "Editors' Choice" photo stream.

500px Plugin

Since feeds and queries with specific tags can find thousands of photos you can limit the amount of photos to download. By default the maximum is 100.

By clicking on the "Settings" button you can change some download settings, for example you can use photos description or owner name as caption.

500px Plugin

That's all. Close all windows by clicking on "OK"in order to save changes. After closing the configuration window Wallpaper Slideshow will start to download the configured photos after some minutes you can use them as wallpaper for your desktop.