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Current version is 8.5.5 (size 15.8 Mb)
Released March 15, 2023

Trial/Full Version - When not registered this is a fully functional 30 days trial. Registered users (users who purchased a license) can use these installation files for a new installation or to upgrade older versions.

Upgrade Notice for registered users : All users who purchased gPhotoShow Pro on or after September 1st, 2018 can upgrade to gPhotoShow Pro 8.x free of charge. All users of previous versions can upgrade to the latest version at a reduced price. If you have further questions see our Upgrade FAQ or contact us

Download 64bit version only if you have a 64bit version of windows, if you are not sure download 32bit version

64bit and 32bit versions can be installed together, by default they are installed in different folders and have different file names.

gPhotoShow Pro v8 is no longer compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


gPhotoShow Pro v8 - 64bit Version
gPhotoShow Pro v8 - 32bit Version
gPhotoShow Pro v8 64bit + selected plugins
RSS, Flickr, GoogleConnect, Clock, Weather
gPhotoShow Pro v8 32bit + selected plugins
RSS, Flickr, GoogleConnect, Clock, Weather


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Previous versions

These are older gPhotoShow Pro versions, download them only if you already have a license for them and don't wish to upgrade or if you are still using Windows XP or Vista

gPhotoShow Pro v7.4.10
gPhotoShow Pro v6.6.3 Unicode
gPhotoShow Pro v5.2.2
gPhotoShow Pro v5.2.2 Unicode
gPhotoShow Pro v4.8.7
gPhotoShow Pro v4.8.7 Unicode



These PlugIns can be used only with gPhotoShow Pro 3.5.0 and later

RSS Feeds v1.5.0 This PlugIn displays a news ticker over the slideshow. News are downloaded from RSS feeds of your choice. In addition this plugin can also download photos, videos and other media from RSS feeds. For example you can use it to download photos from Flickr, Picasa, Panoramio and other photo galleries.
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Flickr v1.5.1 With this PlugIn it is possible to download public and private photos from Flickr Photostreams, Groups, Sets and Favorite Photos. (click to see how to use gPhotoShow as Flickr Screen Saver )
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GoogleConnect v1.4.0 The GoogleConnect PlugIn allows you to display pictures from your Google Photos Library or Google Drive
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Clock v1.2.3 The Clock plugin displays an analog clock and optionally the current date over the slideshow
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Weather Info v1.4.2 The Weather Info plugin displays weather current conditions and forecasts
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ImgFilters v2.1.0 The ImgFilters plugin can filter and enhance all images or a single image. Available filters are: Gamma correction, Auto-Levels, Local Contrast Enhancement, Unsharp Mask, Black & White (Grayscale), Sepia.
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NewPhotos v1.1.2 The NewPhotos PlugIn allows you to display new photos on your computer as soon as they are copied to a specific folder.
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Monitor On/Off v2.1.1 An Energy Saving PlugIn ! With this PlugIn it is possible to switch off/on  connected monitors at a specified hour of the day (weekly programming) or after a specified amount of time. It is also possible to shutdown the system, put it in standby or hibernation.
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HotKeys v1.4.0 With this PlugIn it is possible to change slideshow on-the-fly by pressing a hotkey. It is also possible to open a windows and select the SlideShow. This plugin can be used in a home theater system or in a digital photo frame to change the slideshow by pressing a key or by using a remote control.
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ImgOverlay v1.1.0 This PlugIn allows to overlay a logo or a watermark on pictures displayed by gPhotoShow Pro. The logo can be in jpg or png format, png files may contain an alpha channel for transparency effects (for example transparent background)
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Scheduler v1.0.1 This PlugIn allows you to schedule the display of specific folders. This can be useful to limited the display of some files to specific periods of time, for example they can be displayed only during work hours or specific days of the week.
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AudioVolume v 1.3.0 Adds hotkeys to change or mute audio master volume during the slideshow.


PlugIns can be written in any language that can produce a dll. If you wish to write your own PlugIn, please contact us, we can provide c++ source code written for Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0


This is an example of standalone slideshow/screen saver created with gPhotoShow Pro

Slideshow with installer
Slideshow without installer
Screen Saver with Installer
Screen Saver without Installer


Other Downloads

Download additional frames for gPhotoShow Pro:

Download Inno Setup 5.5.3:

Download a sample screen saver created with gPhotoShow Pro (600Kb). This is only a SCR file, without installation. Open the zip file you downloaded then you can run it by double clicking on the scr file inside the zip. You can test it a screen saver by copying it in your windows system folder.

Common Components

These components are needed only if there are not already installed on your computer:

DirectX 9.0 Runtime from Microsoft web site

Microsoft GDI+:

To show the Help file gPhotoShow needs Microsoft HTML Help 1.1 or later. If your aren't able to see the help file download and install the file: hhupd.exe