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Photo Slide Show and Screen Saver Maker for Windows

gPhotoShow Pro is an an easy to use slide show maker and screen saver complete with transition effects and Pan and Zoom animations (Ken Burns effect). gPhotoShow Pro enables you to create your personal photo slide shows that can be played as screen saver or shared as standalone .exe slide show. gPhotoShow configuration is quick and easy, in few minutes you can point it to folders (either local or on a network share) containing your photos or video in any of the supported formats and have them displayed to your screen in random order, alphabetically or by date.

There is no limit to the number of photos or video your directories may contain. You have various options for stretching or shrinking photos and to show information like file name or Exif,IPTC,XMP info taken from the photos themselves.

You can also create photo sets, create wallpaper, pause and continue the screen saver during normal operation.

gPhotoShow Pro it's the perfect software for a Digital Photo Frame. It can be easily controlled with a keyboard (or a remote control) and can detect and display newly added photos without restarting the program and without editing the slideshow !

New Release ! gPhotoShow Pro version 7 includes PhotoWall mode and lots of improvements, here is the full list.


Screen Saver on local computer or Screen Saver Creator

gPhotoShow is a very flexible an configurable program, it can used both as screen saver on the computer where it is installed or it can be used as a slide show maker or a screen saver creator to prepare standalone slideshow (or screen savers) for distribution without the need to pay further runtime fees.

In the download page you will find some samples.


A great utility for tethered shooting !
gPhotoShow Pro together with the NewPhotos is a great utility for photographers that connects their camera to the computer and directly get the photos on their computer. With gPhotoShow you can have a slideshow running on your computer then when new photos come they are displayed as soon as possible.


Key Features:

  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10 (x86 and x64)
  • Pan and Zoom animation also known as Ken Burns effect
  • Scrapbook mode. When Scrapbook mode is enabled several small pictures are overlapped over a background image.
  • PhotoWall mode. When PhotoWall mode is enabled gPhotoShow displays a mosaic of small pictures, when the screen is full it will start to scroll.
  • Shows an unlimited number of photos and other supported files
  • User defined filters based on image size, rating and keywords
  • High quality image resize (bicubic interpolation)
  • User selectable transition effects
  • 2D and 3D transition effects
  • Adjustable transition speed
  • Can display frames around pictures, simple colored frames or bitmapped frames
  • Image formats : BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF (including animated GIF), TIFF
  • Panorama file formats: JPG, IVR, PAN, MOV
  • Video file formats: AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV and others
  • Macromedia Flash Animations: SWF
  • Can display Web Pages
  • Can automatically scroll panoramic images (both rectilinear and spherical)
  • Can use shortcuts to folders
  • Easy subdirectory selection and files exclusion
  • Easy image filtering by keyword or rating
  • Display images randomly or in a sorted sequence. Several random modes are available including a weighted randomization that allows you display some picture more often that others.
  • Configurable delay between images
  • Automatically resizes your images
  • Displays information about the images (Exif,IPTC,XMP)
  • Can display custom captions with Exif,IPTC,XMP metadata support
  • Automatic wallpaper changer
  • Plays your favorite music during slide show
  • Sound formats: MID, WAV, MP3, WMA
  • Multiple monitor support (up to 32 monitors)
  • Slideshow can be paused and continued
  • Energy Star ! With the MonitorOnOff PlugIn it is possible to automatically power-off attached monitors or switch-off the system.
  • With RssFeeds plugin it is possible to display news from RSS feeds and download images from RSS feeds used by most online photo galleries (Flickr, Panoramio, Tumblr, Picasa and much more)
  • Full Flickr integration ! The Flickr plugins allows to download public and private photos from Flickr Photostreams, Groups and Sets (How to create a Flickr screen saver)
  • Can be used as a screen saver or a slide show creator
  • Lots of configurable Hotkeys during slide show, for example it is possible to copy/move/delete currently displayed photo by simply pressing a key
  • Can display descriptions stored in DESCRIPT.ION files
  • Image Display time, description and text attributes can be set on each image
  • Can create standalone screen savers and slideshows (.scr or .exe files)
  • Can create setup program for easy screen saver distribution
  • Can be used as a simple image viewer
  • Pictures can be divided into categories and category displayed in the screen saver can be changed automatically
  • Can be easily set as logon screen saver
  • Digital camera RAW files support
  • Color Management. gPhotoShow can read and use embedded ICC color profiles and AdobeRGB exif tag
  • Password protection
  • Easy install / uninstall
  • Can be used freely for 30 days, then some advanced features will be disabled

Still not convinced to try gPhotoShow Pro ? Take a look at the gPhotoShow tutorial and see how easy is to configure the screen saver and how many features are available !

What's new:

Version 7.4.9

  • Fixed: IPTC date and time fields are not formatted correctly

Version 7.4.8

  • Fixed: Panoramic images scrolling is very slow when using standard 2D transitions

Version 7.4.7

  • New: In order to prevent burn-in damage to plasma screens when images are displayed with colored bars it is now possible to change their position randomly
  • Fixed: When images bigger than screen size are displayed and reduction is disabled they are now centered on the screen. This means the central area of images is displayed instead of top-left corner.

Version 7.4.6

  • Fixed: On some systems aspect ratio for automatic panorama detection can accept only integer numbers
  • Fixed: Filters: some images are not correctly detected as landscape or portrait oriented

Version 7.4.5

  • New: Added logical file name order where numbers inside file name are considered as numeric content instead of text
  • Fixed: Copy/Move button in Thumbnails window during slideshow doesn't work correctly

Version 7.4.4

  • Fixed: The window to calculate Auto-Resize limit has been improved for wide monitors
  • New: In order to better identify each monitor the Filters page now displays position and size of the selected monitor
  • New: Support for Xmp tags "People Names" added by Microsoft programs

Version 7.4.3

  • New: MOV video files are automatically played using VLC or WMP 12 if one is present, this avoids error messages when Quicktime is not installed
  • Fixed: Skipping to next or previous image when a panoramic image is scrolling with Standard transitions causes screen corruption and program to freeze for some time

Version 7.4.2

  • Fixed: On Windows 10 when gPhotoShow is set as logon screen the "Restore Default" function doesn't work

Version 7.4.1

  • Fixed: In case of system shutdown or restart current files list could not be saved
  • Fixed: In case user profile folder path contains unicode chars wallpaper change may fail

Version 7.4.0

  • New: Added a hotkey to open the folder containing current image
  • New: Added video file types supported by Windows Media Player 12 (3g2,3gp2,3gp,3gpp,mts,m2ts)
  • New: Added an option to play mov files using Windows Media Player (version 12 required)
  • New: Added options to "Text Settings" dialog to add a random offset to text position, this is useful to avoid burning crt and plasma displays. The offset is a random value from 0 to text height/2
  • Fixed: Reduced memory allocation when scanning folders

Version 7.3.0

  • New: Global Weights. Added on option to set a weight for photos taken in the same period of the year, for example during Christmas this function will display Chrismas photos from previous years.
  • New: Compiled with updated DirectX SDK

Version 7.2.3

  • New: Added file size and image width/height to advanced information items
  • Fixed: Sometimes image filename is lost when skipping to next image using hotkeys
  • Fixed: descript.ion text using unicode or utf-8 chars is not displayed correctly

Version 7.2.2

  • New: Text over images, added an option to fill whole row with background color
  • Fixed: Sometimes when sequential image display is selected standalone slideshows may close unexpectedly at startup

Version 7.2.0

  • Fixed: Exif, IPTC and XMP tags from digital camera raw files are now read correctly by gPhotoShow
  • New: gPhotoShow is now able to read jpeg preview embedded in raw files. This feature must be supported by the windows codec. Adobe DNG codec doesn't allow to load the full size preview.
  • New: Mute/Resume audio hotkey now can be configured to work only on internal gPhotoShow players instead of the windows master volume control
  • New: Added hotkey to enable/disable maximum video duration time
  • New: Added hotkeys for basic video commands (pause/resume, fast forward, rewind)
  • New: Added a width limit for text over images
  • New: Animated GIF files can now be enlarged to fit the screen using the same settings of static images

Version 7.1.4

  • Fixed: The setting to display only background color on main monitor is ignored by gPhotoShow
  • Fixed: When using the Hotkeys plugin to change slideshow if they have different DirectX settings gPhotoShow doesn't work correctly and may crash

Version 7.1.3

  • Fixed: Improved global filters speed on slow media
  • Fixed: On multiple monitors systems when displaying the same image on all monitors using an hotkey to delete current image may cause a program crash

Version 7.1.2

  • Fixed: With some Pan&Zoom settings gif files are not played and P&Z always animates the same image
  • New: Gif animations now have their own maximum display time

Version 7.1.1

  • Fixed: On Windows 8.1 when running as screen saver gPhotShow can't change wallpaper or start external tools

Version 7.1.0

  • Fixed: Sometimes gPhotoShow display a wrong background color before loading images.
  • Fixed: Improved image load time when using DirectX transitions
  • New: When using sequential image display the slideshow control window allows to jump back and forward by a configurable number of pictures

Version 7.0.1

  • Fixed: ESC key action doesn't work as expected
  • Fixed: Standalone screen savers sometimes crash on exit
  • Fixed: Standalone screen savers setup doesn't install a required DirectX component

Version 7.0.0

  • New: Photo Wall mode
  • New: DirectX 3D transition effects
  • New: Animated GIF files support
  • New: Weighted Randomization. Now it is possible to display some files more often than others. Weights can be assigned to folders or to images with a specific rating or containing specified keywords.
  • New: Metadata cache. Exif/XMP/Iptc info are now cached, after the first directory scan gPhotoShow reads metadata info only for new files.
  • New: Incremental directory scanning. When background files list synchronization is enabled gPhotoShow starts displaying a limited set of files while directory scan is performed as a background task. This feature greatly improves startup time in particular when gPhotoShow needs to read exif tags.
  • New: Preview button to start the screen saver without leaving the settings window
  • New: Added a window to easily set the limit for stretch/crop
  • New: Added an option to start video playback from a random point also for windows media player
  • New: Photo rating can be displayed graphically as stars
  • New: Scrapbook background effect can be choosen randomly
  • New: Added new scrapbook options
  • New: Improved panoramic image detection, now gPhotoShow can detect vertically oriented panos
  • New: With sequential display when pressing the restart hotkey gPhotoShow asks for starting image number
  • New: Added optional date to time display
  • New: It is now possible to specify on which monitor to display the slideshow
  • New: Slideshow control window to perform basic operations during the slideshow
  • New: Configurable actions for mouse move and mouse button click during the slideshow
  • New: Hotkey to toggle video from beginning or from random position
  • New: Hotkey to mute/resume audio
  • New: gPhotoShow can now create a text file with the list of all images displayed
  • New: On multiple monitors systems gPhotoShow can display panoramic photos (or photo larger than a specified size) spanned on all monitors even if it is configured to display a different image on each monitor

All changes


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gPhotoShow Pro runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Windows 10

Pan and Zoom animation requires DirectX 9.0 and a compatible display adapter

To play MP3 files gPhotoShow requires Microsoft Media Player 6.0 or later. You can download Media Player freely from the Microsoft web site:

To show Panoramas, Videos or Web Pages gPhotoShow requires Microsoft Internet Explorer. Moreover to show Panoramas files you need the appropriate plugins or ActiveX correctly installed.

Some features needs Microsoft GDI+, this component is part of Windows XP and can be installed also in Windows 2000. You can download the runtime files of GDI+ from the Microsoft web site or you can download it from this web site: gdiplus.exe

XMP tags can be displayed for Jpeg and TIFF files if Windows Imaging Component (WIC) is installed. WIC is already installed on Windows Vista and is included in .NET frameworks starting from v3.0. WIC can also be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center and installed on any computer running Windows XP SP2 or later


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