gPhotoShow Free

How to use gPhotoShow


gPhotoShow is a screen saver, so after installing it you will not find any exe file. The executable is the file gPhotoShow.scr and is located in your windows/system folder or  in winnt/system32 if you have Windows NT. 
 gPhotoShow shows the images stored in a folder so the first step is to copy all your images and sounds in a folder, then you can configure gPhotoShow to use that folders.
 You can configure gPhotoShow in the same way you configure any other screen saver, here is the procedure:

  1. Close All Programs
  2. Right click on your desktop
  3. Select "Properties"
  4. Select the "Screen Saver" tab
  5. In the Screen Saver section open the combo box and choose gPhotoShow
  6. Click on "Settings"
  7. Now you can choose the folder with your images and configure all gPhotoShow settings. If you leave the mouse pointer on a control you'll get a help about that control. To add a folder to folder list double click on the first empty line of the listbox, click on the button on the right (labeled "...") to browse your hard disk and select the folder where you stored your images. After you have done all the settings click "Ok"
     If you don't choose the "Show Images Randomly" option images are shown in alphabetical order
  8. In the text box labeled "wait" set the delay in minutes
  9. Click "Ok"

Now when your pc is idle for the number of minutes you have set above gPhotoShow starts.