gPhotoShow Pro 8.0.0 Released

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gPhotoShow Pro 8.0.0 Released

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gPhotoShow Pro 8.0.0 has been released today
All users who purchased gPhotoShow Pro on or after September 1st, 2018 can upgrade to gPhotoShow Pro 8.x free of charge
Since gPhotoShow uses a new licensing system all users need a new registration key, if you already have one simply enter your current registration key in the upgrade page and the system will tell your whether you are eligible for a free upgrade and in this case it will give you a new key.

Here is a list of major new features:
  • It is now possible to configure a custom layout for the slideshow windows, in this way it is possible to have a window spanned across several monitors and others on a single monitor
  • Files and folders can be excluded from slideshow by using a hotkey or a configuration window
  • Added max. number of images for each folder when files are displayed in random order but grouped by folder
  • Keywords can be extracted from filename or file path
  • For images smaller than screen it is possible to fill background using the same image blurred instead of a solid color
  • Touch screen gestures handling: Pan (left,right,top,bottom),Zoom (in,out),Two finger tap,Press and Tap
  • Hotkey to toggle audio from video
  • Added an option to scrapbook to allow pictures to pile up until max number is reached
  • Multiple monitors, instead of displaying images on all secondary monitor now it is possible to exclude a specific monitor
  • Multiple monitors, now it is possible to configure image display time for each monitor
  • Filters, added "contain"/"don't contain" operators for keywords (with or without wildcard characters)
  • Photowall scroll direction upward or downward
  • Basic support to play video with MPC-HC player
  • Removed panoramic images size limit when using DirectX
  • Do not disturb: automatically mute music and audio from video during a period of the day
  • Automatically repeat video clips shorter than a preset time
  • Image display time can now be configured using hours,minutes,seconds
  • Added an option to repeat images with weight greater than 1
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