vlc not found by apllication

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vlc not found by apllication

Post by marcelmo »

Hi, I was searching for a screensaver that would play videos from a specific folder. I found some forum where one said that gPhotoShow would do the trick. The first file I dropped in the folder was a NASA video, which is *.mp4. I would not play. In the settings I saw that, for mp4, VLC is needed. So I installed VLC, but I get a message telling me VLCis not installed. So I reboot my system, but still I have the message VLC is not installed.

My system: Windows7 professional x64, all security updates and drivers.

What to solve this issue?

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Re: vlc not found by apllication

Post by gpb »

I guess you installed GPhotoShow Pro since the free version can't play video, in this case you need to install the 32bit version of vlc, gPhotoShow is a 32bit program and can't use 64 bit components of vlc 64bit
Gianpaolo Bottin

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