both monitors go black and freeze

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Re: both monitors go black and freeze

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And NOW.....

The rest of the story......

After exhaustive testing I made a discovery. Whenever the monitors went black, I was forced to reboot. On reboot turning my speakers back on is routine as I listen to internet radio. Well this time I forgot to turn them on and went about my business. I noticed a barely audible sound like squeaking every now and then. I ignored it for a while but could tell it was coming from under my desk. During one of the times it was squeaking, the sound abruptly stopped..... and the screens both went black. I restarted like always but this time I began looking for the source of the sound. It was coming from the Tower so I pulled off the cover. I waited for the squeaking to resume and located it just as it stopped. The fan on my video card was making the noise and apparently beginning to fail. As soon as it quit rotating, it got so HOT that I couldn't touch it and then the monitors went dark.

I have to surmise that the intense workout of the screensaver put a load on it and the fan just burned itself out. When you said my card was old I was thinking the drivers or chipsets. I never thought about the fan life. Sometimes I guess ya gotta look outside the box.

ANYWAY......... Life is good now.

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Re: both monitors go black and freeze

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I told you the issue could be caused by temperature, it happened the same to my laptop, in my case I had to clean the fan and replace the thermal compound between GPU and heatsink
gpb wrote:
Sun Jan 03, 2021 11:49 pm
keep in mind pan&zoom transition may cause a high gpu/cpu load and on system temperature could raise to the point computer is turned off.
Gianpaolo Bottin

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