Two displays and want one static

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Two displays and want one static

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Hi folks,

I have an extended desktop that goes from a single monitor on my desk to a 55" display on my office wall. I'd like the desktop to have a static background (like the bland windows 7 logo) so it's easy to see the icons, but have the wall display change through background images such that it's like a large picture frame when I don't need it for collaborative work. How can I do that?


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Re: Two displays and want one static

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A feature like this is included in Wallpaper Slideshow Pro. The Filters settings allows you to have one monitor with a solid background color while on the other the program display pictures you selected. The filter options would also allow you to choose a subset of your images for each monitor but in this case you should be able to tag each image by adding keywords or by adding a suffix to the files name for example all pictures for mon #1 ends with _mon1
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