gPhotoShow starts despite playing video

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gPhotoShow starts despite playing video

Post by jlh2977 »

I've never had a problem with Windows screensavers kicking in while watching video (e.g. streaming Netflix).

However, after I installed gPhotoShow Free (which is outstanding in every other respect) I immediately noticed that it is kicking in despite active video playing. This is a bummer, of course, since I like the product quite a bit.

Any idea why this happening? Is there any setting or anything else related to gPhotoShow that would cause it to behave differently than other screensavers in this respect? (I'm running Windows 8.1.)

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Re: gPhotoShow starts despite playing video

Post by gpb »

As any other screen saver gPhotoShow is started by windows when it detect the system is idle. No screen saver starts by itself.
For this reason it is not possible that under the same conditions gPhotoShow starts and other screen savers don't start.
Normally screen saver don't start when watching a video only because the video player tells windows not to do it. If the video player don't take any action the screen saver starts so in your case I think it depends on the video player you are using.
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Re: gPhotoShow starts despite playing video

Post by sarakhan »

Any help will be greatly appreciated as I need to configure slideshow and music to play from USB drive.

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