Comodo Internet Security (CIS)


On computers running windows Vista SP2 and Comodo Internet Security it is possible gPhotoShow Pro, Wallpaper Slideshow, Mouse Speed Switcher and Exif wMarker can't start or crashes during startup.

The cause of this problem is an interference between the loader used by these programs and the "Image Execution Control" module of CIS.

To work around this issue open the CIS control panel, click on "Defense+" -> "Advanced" -> "Image Execution Control Settings "

Then click on "Exclusions" -> "Add.." and browse you computer to find the filename of the crashing program, for example c:\program files\gPhotoShow\gPhotoShow.exe

In case of gPhotoShow Pro you must also add an exception for c:\windows\system32\gPhotoShow.scr

Add all programs you have installed, then click on "Apply", "Ok" and close all windows.

Now the excluded programs will start correctly.